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February 2018

Michael A. Kenny Elected Grand Marshal

Congratulations to Michael Aloysius Kenny for being elected Grand Marshal of Savannah’s 194th St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Michael was born August 9, 1958, in Savannah, to Nicholas S. Kenny, Jr. and Phyllis Edna Steeves Kenny. He is the youngest of six siblings. His Irish lineage can be traced through several surnames, notably Kenny, Brennan, McGuire and McGowan. The Kenny line is verified to County Wexford.

Sgt. William Jasper Memorial Ceremony Honors Military

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee pays tribute to the military by hosting the Sgt. William Jasper Memorial Ceremony each year on the eve of the Parade. The ceremony is named after the famed Revolutionary War hero, who lost his life while rescuing his regiment’s colors during the Siege of Savannah in 1779.

Celtic Cross Mass and Ceremony to Honor Irish Americans Past, Present, Future

Savannah’s Celtic Cross Monument was dedicated on December 3, 1983 as part of the celebration marking the 250th anniversary of the founding of Savannah and the colony of Georgia. At the direction of Mayor John Rousakis, committees were formed among the various ethnic groups in Savannah to develop plans for monuments to represent the rich cultural diversity of the city.

Forsyth Park Fountain to turn Green on March 8th

One of Savannah’s most popular tourist attractions is the scenic and beautiful Forsyth Park Fountain, constructed in 1858.

Although of French design, each March, usually the week before March 17, it take on the “wearing o’ the green” in preparation for Savannah’s most celebrated event of the year, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Some say it was the impish work of leprechauns that initiated the Greening of the Fountain. The story goes that in the mid 1980s an unknown group, enthusiastic about the approaching parade, attempted to dye the fountain water green.